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  1. Versailles castle(4 hrs)
  2. Chantilly Castle (5 hrs)
  3. Brugs (Belgium) 12 hrs max
  4. Chamonis-mont blancGiverny (5 hrs)
  5. Fontainebleau / Barbizon / Vaux Le Vicomte Castle(8 Hrs)
  6. Deauville / Honfleur (8 Hrs)
  7. Mont St.Michel (12 Hrs max)
  8. Champagne Tour (12 Hrs max)
  9. Loire Valley Castles Tour (12 Hrs)
  10. Lisieux(St Therese) (8 Hrs)
  11. Nevers(St Bernadette) (9 Hrs)
  12. D-day Landing beaches/ American Cemetery (12 Hrs max)
Trip Type1 -4 Passengers5 - 8 Passengers
Chamonis-mont blanc1000€1000€
Nevers(St Bernadette)600€650
Brugs (Belgium)700€750€
Chantilly Castle225€250€
Fontainebleau /Barbizon/Vaux Le Vicomte450€500€
Versailles castle190€225€
Giverny 270€300€
Deauville 620€650€
Mont St.Michel700€750€
D-day Landing beaches/American Cemetery700€750€
Champagne Tour700€750€
Loire Valley Castles Tour 700€750€
Lisieux(St Therese)600€650€

EXCURSION FRANCE has selected a wide range of visits and tours by car or minibus departing from the centre of Paris to see the most prestigious sites and castles of France. Discover all our special offers to visit France as ever! Discover through our excursions, the treasures of Versailles Palace, the charm of the Loire Castles, the attraction of the Fontainebleau Castle, and also historical sites like the landing beaches in Normandy, the Mont Saint Michel, the city of Bruges, or cultural places like Monet gardens and museum in Giverny. We also suggest our private tours by minibus for 1 to 8 people and our Paris sightseeing tours. Discovery is the magic word of our excursions. Enjoy Paris airport trans